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Four tips for those who cannot go to Pukkelpop can go

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Today and Saturday are the names of the People you welcome to the biggest garden party of the province. Those who have no time or inclination to go to Kiewit to bags or the pimples already has traded for a bunch of wrinkles, it can also be elsewhere, dancing, earplugs or nostalgic memories out.

Carpenter Brut

Thanks to the soundtrack of Nicolas Winding Refns Drive 2011, synthwave, a short revival, led by Kavinsky and Justice. The chilly sounds of the eighties all the way back, with las modest highlight in the soundtrack of cult film Kung Fury. In France, to continue that kind of things always be just a little longer hang properly, and therefore may French producer Carpenter Brut to line up at the mont des arts in Brussels. His name is a direct reference to horrorpionier John Carpenter and he runs reportedly not with usb, cd, or vinyl, but with cartridges. Of hear say.

Brussels Summer Festival, Thursday, 16 August, 20: 45, Orange Stage mont des arts

De La Soul

Later in the day the trio on stage with Gorillaz and about a month or so they are closer to house to see on Crammerock. Nevertheless, his soulful hiphoplegendes a trip to the festival worth it, if only because there is about half Pukkelpopaffiche to get.

The Lowlands, Friday, 17 August 13.45 pm, Alpha

Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde lost her wild hair in the eighties, he was then on gardening, and was a dozen years ago suddenly out of her vegetable garden. The harvest: a handful of hits without expiration date and a charisma that even in the zwartgalligste new waver a grin releases.

W-Fest, Friday, August 17, 00.20 hrs, Synth Stage

Nico Morano

For almost fifteen years, Belgian house-dj Nico Morano himself relevant. He built all parties in just about every club that matters, but an old elektriciteitscentral was, according to us, still on his bucket list. That’s definitely going to get crackling.

Voltage Festival, Saturday, August 18, 18 hours, Rotor

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