Emergency services search day and night for survivors under collapsed bridge

5d9f8efee696521c9fc5bdbf1257c26d - Emergency services search day and night for survivors under collapsed bridge

Thousands of Italian rescue workers, firefighters, and police officers are yesterday and tonight have been busy with the search for victims of the disaster in Genoa.

Two hundred firefighters, search continuously under the huge rubble of the overpass that yesterday has collapsed. A spokesman for the fire department said yesterday that the rescue just as with earthquakes is carried out: there are cranes used for the large chunks of cement to move, and under the rubble for victims searched. It can also specially trained dogs are used.

From the rubble would still shouting to be heard. There are still twelve people missing. “We give not,” says firefighter Emanuele Giffi, which ensures that the rescue teams day and night and will work until the last victim is recovered’.


When a part of the 1200-metre-long flyover – which is part of the A10 motorway, the Northern Italian port city runs – yesterday nearly a hundred yards fell down, the reason there were about thirty cars and trucks. The Italian authorities will assume that all victims are passengers of that means of transport. According to the ministry of Home Affairs, there must be 31 deaths counted, including three children aged eight, twelve and thirteen years of age. Sixteen persons are injured.


Deadly earthquakes and floods, so the Italians are not. But they do it from collapsing verkeersbruggen. The network of motorways and their viaducts is not known as a bit annoying or unsafe, and certainly not in the prosperous north of the country; a disaster as that in Genoa, comes therefore as a surprise.

It rained yesterday hard and there was a lightning storm over the sea, but the lightning is not in the bridge. And even if that would have happened, then such a bridge there. Bad weather means nothing to such a construction, ” said engineer Antonio Brencich, a professor at the University of Genoa, which all of buildings of reinforced concrete knows, against the daily newspaper IlSole24Ore. ‘It would be a different story if it is a blizzard and severe frost. But rain does nothing at all with this bridge.’


Research should reveal what the cause of the collapse was. Engineer Brencich was looking for that yesterday in the structural vulnerability of the bridge, which was designed by Riccardo Morandi, and in 1967 was completed. “It is evident that the cause lies in the structural weakness of the bridge. Morandi has this type of bridge also in Libya, and Venezuela dropped and all three of those bridges were already fast defects. The structure was not. When this bridge in Genoa twenty years, had one of the three towers to hold extra cables, while twenty years in the existence of a bridge as a blink with the eyes. The collapse, now, of one of the other towers has certainly the same source.’

The Italian minister of Transport knows the disaster soon to a lack of maintenance and investments, where his predecessors – he is himself only since June – are guilty of. “If people have made mistakes, will the people responsible be punished,” he said.

But the boss of the company Autostrade per l’italia, that this piece of highway at Genoa manages, connect a lack of maintenance rigorous. He told news agency ANSA that the bridge is constantly good in the holes is held, often maintenance has been given and the reinforced concrete of it at the beginning of last year is examined. ‘We have found nothing that pointed out that this was about to happen. The bridge was not dangerous.’

Professor Brencich falls to him. In the interview with IlSole24Ore says the engineer: “There was always that bridge worked, I would say that the maintenance was good. Remember, however, that not everything is to provide. There is always a percentage of unpredictability.’

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