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Eight golden tips for Pukkelpop

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Are Coming, there is allegedly always and everywhere something to do. We tell you like what, for each of the eight stages is a golden tip.

Water heater: Hazard B2B Hype feat. MC Daddy Earl

Is the world really a jawbreaker, then you will see in the Boiler revelers who can’t stop licking it. In this microcosm where the subwoofer never comes to a standstill, drum’n’basss still not dismissed as a genre. Witness the arrival of Hazard and Hype – not to be confused with dj Eden ” I play the Big Market of Brussels flat’ Hazard. Ravens to 180 beats per minute, much faster it will be there this weekend, not to draw near.

Friday, August 19,, 20 hours

Booth: Awesome Tapes From Africa

A good name is everything, just ask the crying gehaktballenroller Gilles de la boulette. With his blog and label Awesome Tapes From Africa share American Brian Shimkovitz for almost ten years the best finds from the rich African history of music. Get your most colourful shirt or dress but the top.

Saturday, August 18,, 20 hours

Castello: SOPHIE

The Scottish producer SOPHIE belongs with its futuristic sounds, one of the most exciting pop artists of the moment. She is the best-known advocate of the so-called PC Music and worked with young and less young pop stars like Charli XCX and Madonna. We predict a strange show that shows how the future could sound like.

Friday, 17 August, 20: 45

Club: Phoebe Bridgers

Women with guitars playing these days their male colleagues with ease to house. So also, Phoebe Bridgers, a young singer-songwriter soon to be on the radar of Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst appeared. Her last year released debut album ‘Stranger in the alps’ is full of fragile and compelling songs. A captivating appearance, this weekend for the first time in Belgium.

Thursday, 16 August, 15.35

Dancehall: Brockhampton

They call themselves a boy band, but by last year three superb albums to put Brockhampton itself on the map as a phenomenon. Meanwhile they have again a series of numbers released that the harbinger may have been a new album. Hyperproductief in the studio, and hyperactive on stage: Brockhampton is ready to be one of the sensations of the festival.

Thursday, 16 August, 16.30 hours

Lift: Rolling Blackouts, The Coastal Fever

In Australia, the guitar never quiet died the same death as witnessed by the many bands in the wake of Tame Impala also here to break. Later in the day, it’s the fantastic King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard to the Club on stilts, but earlier in the day you can also a lot of syllables storey Rolling Blackouts, the Coastal Fever. Polyphonic gitaarriedels at a high tempo that beg for sunglasses and a slightly alcoholic state of mind.

Saturday 18 August, 16.45 hours

Mainstage: Kendrick Lamar

Since his previous show at Pukkelpop five years ago, has Kendrick more nicknames than albums to his name. But what for albums. Kendrick Lamar blends like no other jazz with hip-hop, commercial success with social criticism and attitude with the message. With right and reason, the biggest name on the poster, and there is no valid excuse to not go and have a look.

Saturday 18 August, 23.45 pm

Marquee: Steak Number Eight

With the announced farewell to Steak Number Eight made earlier this year, a lot of responses from fans of harder guitars. The end turned out to be a new beginning, because the band going under a new name in the future. They do not before they make their fans one last time in the present form, thank. The two shows in the Ahead later this year were quickly sold out, so Pukkelpop is for fans without a ticket to the last chance to the spinal release to throw.

Friday, August 18, 15.55 hours

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