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Dirk.: The first moshpit of Pukkelpop 2018

4938a63955d086c173dbf2af7c83d95f - Dirk.: The first moshpit of Pukkelpop 2018

Able to rely on your friends: always important as a rock band. Dirk had half a dozen companions at the entrance of the Castello tent, standing in to create masks to share that the tronies of the members of the band were – that must be a first for Pukkelpop.

The songs that Dirk brought, were not immediately: who referred to the nineties slackerrock of bands like Weezer. But in a period in which Spotify-charts and festivalaffiches dominated by, often dreary, long-drawn-out zwanenzangen, sounding sharp, tongue-in-cheek punksongs as ‘Waste’ or ‘Sick and tired’ extremely fresh.

Singer-bassist Jelle Denturq, on a stage, always with short turnbroek and the legs in X-form, curled in unnatural bends around the microphone stand – that you also stand upright in those things can sing, seemed to him a strange concept. But it fitted well: their debut Album was the result of a wrung-out frontman. In ‘Gnome’ gives Denturq after all, how he is in a depressive period in his stomach contents uitstortte on the garden gnome from his neighbor, and in ‘Fuckup’, he sings his permanent failure with one of the better choruses that this year we heard – ‘I only hate myself when I fuck things up/ and I fuck things up all the time’. Dirks reward: the first moshpit of Pukkelpop 2018. That there is still much to be allowed to follow.

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