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China: Communist party published Blockchain-primer for executives

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The Communist party of China, ruled since 1949, the middle Kingdom, gives his management team a Blockchain-primer. As the party newspaper People’s Daily reported that the party members since this Monday, the 13th. August, there is a corresponding Reader. So the Blockchain will be complemented with Engagement of the people’s Republic to another piece of the Puzzle. While Beijing crypto-currencies, the fight has been announced, the government is trying to take advantage of the growth potential of the technologies.

Only what is understood, it can find application – this has also grasped the Communist party (KP). Your members and especially the leadership cadre to bring the Blockchain-technology, has published the Chinese squad party a Blockchain-primer. The Reader with the title of “Blockchain – guidelines for executives” is intended to increase the understanding of the technology and thus lead to more development and application. This is the party newspaper People’s Daily reported this week.

The guidelines cover both the origins and technical backgrounds as well as possible applications. In addition to the small crypto-multiplication table also includes comments on future hurdles and challenges of the technology.

“The biggest influence of the Blockchain lies in its consensus-oriented mode of action”,

Ye Zhenzhen, Director of the party organ stresses, the convinced attitude of the KP. So the technology has enabled a completely new tackle community problems in the country.

The Communist party draws since 1949, the fate of the people’s Republic. As a cadre organization, the Communist party of China sees itself as above the state itself and has traditionally stressed the ancestral claim to leadership. With around 90 million members, it is also the largest Communist party in the world.

China Blockchain course

While Beijing seems to have these days in the fight against the influence of crypto-currencies in the country successfully won, the government is doing their utmost to take advantage of the growth the moment the Blockchain.

Already in 2016, China Distributed Ledger had incorporated technologies as one of the world’s first countries in the official government agenda. Since then, the Blockchain is an integral part of the Chinese growth plan. Especially in the special economic zones in the East of the country, much has happened since. The regional governments of Shanghai, Shanxi, Henan, Guangzhou, Guiyangs and Hangzhou are currently trying to attack the Blockchain developers.

By 2019, the Chinese want to develop a Central government in addition, country-wide Blockchain Standards and security for investors and industry. Already now, the success of this company. According to reports, has increased sixfold the number of firms and companies with the addition of ‘Blockchain’ in the name this year.

In may the state President praised Xi Jingping, the potentials of the technology in the context of a public speech. Together with artificial intelligence and the Internet of things (IoT) is a ring in the Blockchain a “new technological Revolution”.

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