Baby dies after hours in hot car while mother works at Domino’s Pizza

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EMPORIA – A baby of six months old died after hours spent in a hot car in the city of Emporia in the American state of Virginia. The car was parked at a Domino’s Pizza, where the 30-year-old mother of the boy was at work.

Baby Dameer.

“I just simply forgot to put him somewhere to turn off,” says Blondia Curry for the camera at ABC News. They had a very busy morning and had recently been told that her 13-year-old daughter has diabetes. Curry was the first back at work after many visits to the hospital.

“I have a thousand times wondered how I got my baby, I was able to forget, but I know that I, with my head somewhere else was,” said the assistant manager of the pizza restaurant.

When they after work Dameer found in the car, realized the woman that her son had never dropped. She called the emergency number and tried her baby cooling off with water. A customer reanimeerde the boy, but in vain. The woman, who the burial is unable to pay, is a crowdfundingsactie started.

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