’At least 31 dead after collapse of bridge Genoa

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GENOA – The death toll after the collapse of a road bridge in the Italian port city of Genoa has risen to 31. The burgerbeschermingsdienst has confirmed, reports the newspaper La Repubblica. Among the dead are two children. Five bodies have yet to be identified.

Also at night worked hard for survivors under the rubble away.

The death toll could run further. Fifteen people were injured, of whom nine seriously, and at least ten people are still missing. A source at the fire department already speaks of at least 35 dead. At the moment that the bridge collapsed a reason an estimated 35 vehicles on the bridge.

The bridge of the A10 collapsed on Tuesday during a storm and left a mess behind. Not only motorists were compromised; also, there were debris on houses of a densely populated neighborhood. The rescue work were the night continued in the hope of living under the rubble away.

Read through the article below, everything is back on the disaster:

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