Andy Bens comes with a nice uptempo song !

fcd348a217f5ee0171cace2ea81b2e93 - Andy Bens comes with a nice uptempo song !

With a delightful up-tempo single titled; “A new day” is the Belgian talent Andy Bens a whole new commercial path! Despite his young age, is taking Andy for a while on the road as a singer. He released a number of singles and had his first successes. Andy approached again Dave Well ( Dutch Artist Music ) and asked him to have a brand new single to write and produce what Andy already 15 years had in his head, but no producer saw that until he Dave had heard and a topnummer found and produced the single in a smooth and crisp style that exactly suits him!

“I am very pleased with the result. It is a wonderfull single indeed!” says an enthusiastic Andy. His new single has a high dansgehalte and has the title; “A new day”. The text is also well thought of, his father who suffers with an incurable illness, and 3 friends that Andy now has lost, so hence this text with the message to make each “New day” to enjoy. Also will the single also physically in a limited edition are for sale through Andy.

With this new single, the likeable singer Andy a delicious plate with a lot of hit potential to address, no doubt very well picked up by the radio stations in the Netherlands and Belgium, of course!

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