Why young people car’s on fire

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Three weeks before the election, Sweden is rocked by a wave of organised arson. ‘Where are the young people fucking doing?’

Sweden, this summer in a fire and that applies not only to the forests. Last night we were in an organized way cars, trucks, caravans and vuilniscontainers on fire. That’s what happened …

Sweden, this summer in a fire and that applies not only to the forests. Last night we were in an organized way cars, trucks, caravans and vuilniscontainers on fire. That happened in major cities such as Gothenburg and Malmö, and smaller cities like Trollhättan, Lysekil and Falkenberg. Videos by eyewitnesses show troepjes quickly galloping people in completely black clothing, who planned between the dim-lit high rise buildings. lairs.

Police and fire brigade had to massively pluck up. Only were the perpetrators there as well. So were streets expertly blocked to the professionals. Police officers in Lysekil were pelted with stones. The perpetrators had molotov cocktails, black masks and material to be systematically the case in store and cars on fire.

“Never one hundred percent geweldvrij’

In Gothenburg alone, more than 88 cars destroyed in twenty different locations. There were no deaths and no injuries. According to Ulla Brehm, police spokesman, this type of burning is called ‘frequently in the week prior to the beginning of the school year.’ “But if you’re just after 9 a.m. as many cars at the same time to burn, you can’t exclude the possibility that the coordination was through the internet,” she says.

In Malmö, Stockholm and Uppsala went according to the newspaper Expresses, indeed, a dozen vehicles in flames, but without violence or organised riots. In Gothenburg, however, seems to be the attack on a larger scale and with more skill to be performed. There would be 40 people are involved.

The events leave Sweden, that in three weeks from a national election, quite a scare. ‘Where are the young people fucking doing?’ left prime minister Stefan Löfven is mentioned on the national radio. “This almost seems like a military operation. Discrimination can never be an excuse for his.’

Crime was already a major theme in the elections. The social-democrats stevenden already heavy loss while the far-right ‘Sweden Democrats’ likely to be the second largest party. They accuse the social-democrats that they are not working hard enough, have occurred against violence and ghettoisation. But according to Löfven has his government the police more money than asked and get your violence can never be one hundred percent away from the society.

Neo-nazis or young people from the deprived neighbourhoods?

So the question is mainly how the kiespubliek will react to this incident, and who is to blame for. Gang violence in the Swedish deprived neighbourhoods (so-called ‘no go zones’) has been a problem, with this year alone, forty dead in shootings. In the neighborhoods, which yesterday were hit home to many people with a migrant background (both of young people from ex-Yugoslavia as muslims from Africa and the Middle East) and unemployment is high. That makes it easy to blame it on (youth) communities. That happens in the meantime a lot in social media. But the police, who are already different present young people could identify, has so far not done. It remains to wait for more official information about the perpetrators.

On the other hand, is also the extreme right-wing violence is on the rise. The Swedish neonazibeweging (Nordic Resistance Movement, or NMR), the last few years, massive and violent protest marches, among other things, in Gothenburg. Just this week, a Swedish neo-nazi arrested: he forged plans for two journalists to kill. ‘In the news reports on the autobranden I read not that Swedish neo-nazis also terreuraanvallen have committed’, tweette veiligheidsexperte Molly McKew.

Meanwhile, the news is quickly picked up and disseminated by the American conservative circles. They put Sweden very much like for as an example of where ‘multiculturalism’ leads. The ‘Swedish Democrats’ have already promised to deliver on 9 september ‘Sweden safe again.’ Electorally, it seems the incident to outside.

Politicians from other Swedish parties to respond with strict disapproval, but continue to wait on the results of the research. Meanwhile, the biggest victims of the incident the people from the deprived neighbourhoods, who often have trouble getting their sole means of transportation just to replace. ‘These people do not have the finances to immediately to buy a new car, ” says a local resident at the Gothenburg Post. “As the fire spread through the trees and the buildings had spread, then, there were families with children affected. Have the perpetrators not to think of that?’

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