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Victor Campenaerts cycle tomorrow to ‘his’ Antwerp: “Private fandorp with my own wine”

c552f86c249293dde300f1011b0e1dac - Victor Campenaerts cycle tomorrow to ‘his’ Antwerp: “Private fandorp with my own wine”

Victor Campenaerts cycle tomorrow not as a leader to ‘his’ Antwerp. Unfortunately, the European time-trial champion. But it can not spoil the fun. He has a private fandorp provided with snacks and its own wine.

“This course was a dream for every rider”, responded to the European champion after his second place in Venray. “Almost no bends, super fast asphalt. And my feeling was even better than last week in Glasgow. But I also knew, however, that this course for boys and Küng still would be better. I beat Küng at the european CHAMPIONSHIP with a large difference but that difference, I have especially in the final stage. Here I didn’t have to wait on the last part, because the wind blew hard in the advantage. I left fast to my feeling but Küng was just better. If you with twelve seconds is knocked off, then you can only conclude that Küng today simply unbeatable. A pity! A time trial in the World Tour win was a goal. That’s going to be hard. I hope this condition to the world championship.”

Arrival in Antwerp

The third stage of the Binck Bank in Antwerp, the hometown of Campenaerts. And that will not go unnoticed. “I have a private fandorp to the Desguinlei, where the finish line is pulled”, it sounds. “You will my own wine. You can’t buy them due to sold out. There is a restaurant with appetizers of Gilles Loncin, a good size with whom I used to have gekoerst. It’s nice for the people and I hope to good day can come to say. Golazo organises on the occasion of mother’s day for the mothers of the riders. The mother of Frederik Frison, Nikolas Maes and myself are very of the party, and may afterwards eat in the VIP. A pity that I not in the leader’s jersey to Antwerp. That was however intended. But a Swiss in Antwerp, that’s also nice, hey.”

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