Turkey and US to talk about release imprisoned pastor, lira continues to suffer

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The Us national security adviser John Bolton has Monday evening with the Turkish ambassador in Washington talked about the imprisonment of American pastor Andrew Brunson. That is in Turkey fixed since the coup of 2016.

‘At the request of the Turkish ambassador was in the White House, a meeting place between John Bolton and Serdar Kilic. They are talking about the captivity of Andrew Brunson had and the current state of the relationship between the US and Turkey, ” according to a statement from White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders.

According to the White House, there is not a deadline set for the release of Brunson. Thus speaks the messages from various international media. The pastor is suspected of having ties with the movement of imam Fethullah Gulen. That last, a notorious opponent of Erdogan, according to Turkish president behind the failed coup of July 15, 2016. The USA see the reverend, however, as a political hostage who mistakenly stuck.

Dive of lira

The captivity of Brunson is one of the reasons why the diplomatic relations between USA and Turkey for a while, very tense. Because Ankara Brunson’t want to leave, president Trump the import duties on steel and aluminium since Monday even doubled. Before the U.S. even though the U.s. assets of two Turkish ministers will be frozen.

Those tensions came to a lira, the Turkish currency, Friday to 6,78 lira for one Us dollar. At the beginning of the month, it was 5 lira for a dollar. And the fall did not seem to stop. A speech by Erdogan, in which he firmly uithaalde to their American counterparts, Trump, even had a reverse effect.

Tuesday morning opened up the lira at an exchange rate of 6,92 for a dollar the day.

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