‘Trump wants his defense budget the American dominance show’

a52146912ec44ef58cc56e00eec52dd7 - ‘Trump wants his defense budget the American dominance show’

The American president Donald Trump has a bill with a defence budget of 716 billion dollars was signed. He speaks of ‘the most significant investment in our military and our soldiers in modern history’.

Trump signed Monday, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which in June was approved by the Senate, in the presence of thousands of soldiers in the military base Fort Drum, in upstate New York.

With a budget of 716 billion dollars wants to be the president of the American army next year modernize. “We will obsolete tanks, planes and ships are replaced by the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed. Hopefully we will be so strong that they will never need to use. But if we would do it, no one would have a chance, ” he said.

Political move

According to Amerikadeskundige Willem Post of the institute for international relations Clingendael in The Hague, it’s mainly a political move. ‘It fits his slogan Make America Great Again. This is typically something that Trump and his supporters operate: many of the soldiers come from the poor countryside. There, they want the army building.’

The law makes 7.6 billion for the purchase of 77 F-35 fighter jets and 24.1 billion for the construction of thirteen warships, according to a press release from the White House. The wages of the gevechtskrachten is a 2.6 percent increase, and there are 15.600 new troops.

In addition, a portion of the budget to military investments abroad. So will the US have millions to contribute to the production of the Israeli missile defence system, the training of Iraqi security forces and the support of the Ukrainian safety.

No record

The United States has already for years the highest defence budget in the world. In 2017, it spent the country more than the seven highest contracting countries – that the US will follow – along, according to figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. According to the Post, the lead of the US can now only become more extreme. Even though the defence budget for next year 16 billion more than the current, yet it is no record. The former president Barack Obama signed a budget of 726 billion for fiscal year 2011, according to The New York Times.

When the war in Iraq once it was over, fell between 2012 and 2017, the military budget under the Obama administration, and hovered around $ 600 billion. Under Trump blast it up again and he gives in response to military leaders for years for an increase of military budgets, advocate. The US should make a contribution to the international order and its own citizens to protect what it sounds like.

‘Obama has too much in defence invested, but Trump let see that he is that much more can, ” says Post. “It is a strange twist that he was the budget increases, while not grondoorlogen want. Trump wants to the American dominance to the world.’


Critics find the increased spending on defence unnecessarily at a time when the military presence of the US in the world are relatively small. Some economists and lawmakers in the U.S. are concerned that the high defence spending, rising federal deficits, writes the Washington Post. By 2020, the budget deficit up to $ 1 billion per year, warned the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in april.

‘Trump thinks in the short term, the growth and renewal of the military spectacular. But in the long term, it doesn’t work, ” says Post. ‘He chooses for the increase of the military budget, thus there really cutting down on all kinds of social facilities, especially health insurance.’

Question now is whether the Pentagon with the budget of 761 million dollars in a responsible manner, can arise. In February, wrote to the magazine Politico that one of the largest agencies of the Pentagon spending of about $ 800 million could not explain.

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