Trump insults ex-employee: ‘Well that dog is fired’

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The campaign team of the Us president, Donald Trump has legal action taken against Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former employee of the president. Are accusing him of racism, but, according to the team of the president broke earlier, an agreement on confidentiality. Trump himself calls her on Twitter meanwhile, ‘a dog’.

Manigault Newman, who became known by Trumps reality tv series, ‘The Apprentice’, worked until december 2017 at the White House. Trumps chief of staff John Kelly played a role in her dismissal. The past couple of days she took off with audio clips, and today she published her book in which she likes to use her former boss. Nevertheless, it places some doubts on its credibility.

The American president Donald Trump, in a Twitter message, the 44-year-old woman, without her by name.

“When you’re a bewildered, yelp marginally a pleasure to do and a job at the White House, does that just not, I guess. Well that general Kelly that dog quickly dismissed!’, wrote Trump on Twitter.

The campaign team of Trump, meanwhile, has taken legal action against his former employee that Manigault Newman. It was at an arbitration panel in New York, because the woman in 2016 and an agreement with respect to confidentiality and feet would have entered into force, according to a member of the team opposite to the German press agency DPA on anonymity. Where it is exactly, is unclear.

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