Trip with ex-miss cost Norwegian minister of his portfolio

9f00fd553a69dc5fcf8336704e525833 - Trip with ex-miss cost Norwegian minister of his portfolio

The 58-year-old Per Sandberg has resigned as Norwegian minister of Fisheries after a trip with his 28-year-old girlfriend to Iran.

In June, the Norwegian minister with his new 28-year-old Norwegian-Iranian girlfriend Bahareh Letnes to Iran traveled without prime minister Erna Solberg or his ministry to inform.

Solberg came to know this through the Norwegian embassy in Tehran.

Moreover, Sandberg works-mobile to Iran. On his return he had his phone to hand it in to the Norwegian security services to verify that the device is not hacked.

Sandberg acknowledged that he is the safety rules of the government not followed. He also gets on as a vice-president of the Vooruitgangspartij, who stands up for a strict immigration policy.

His girlfriend is a former miss who is now a visexportbedrijf runs. She has a Norwegian residence permit and denies that she has ties with the Iranian government. The Norwegian intelligence would now examine.

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