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Thomas Of the Variation of the reacts to disappointing european CHAMPIONSHIPS: ‘Failed, but I continue on,’

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Tienkamper Thomas Of the Variation of the wanted as the defending champion to attend the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin, but had to after four tests specify. His foot injury, which him for weeks, bothered, put sticks in the wheels.

‘In Berlin, both my girlfriend and myself are not the memories made that we had in mind’, writes Of the Variation of the on Instagram. ‘We took both of our normal level. We came with empty hands back to the european CHAMPIONSHIP, where we have a whole year to go had worked.’

Yet, Of the Variation in performance in perspective. “This is sport. Without that vulnerability would be the victory worth nothing.’ He writes, having learnt that he was driven by success, but not dependent on it to be happy.

He thinks it is still a long to specify. “I’m still super motivated and will all continue to give to this sport. Because what else should I be afraid when failure is no longer the enemy?”


Berlin 18… Not the memories I would have wished to make. Both me and my girlfriend fell far short of our potential and returned empty handed from the event we worked all year for. This, however, is in the nature of sport. It’s unpredictable & high risk. And as an athlete you’re vulnerable to forces both inside and outside or yourself. Without the vulnerability, the victory would never mean anything. If there was no downside there would be nothing heroic about the pursuit of excellence. What has given me so much in life has, for the last two years, mostly jobs. But ultimately the failure to produce performances has taught me a good lesson: I’m success driven, but not success-dependent. My failure to produce hasn’t changed how I enjoy life or the people in life that really matter… I’m still super motivated for the future and will not stop giving this sport all I’ve got. After all, what’s there to be scared off when failure isn’t the enemy anymore?

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