Suspects autobranden Sweden picked up

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STOCKHOLM – The Swedish police has two young men, sixteen and 21 years old, was arrested for involvement in the hundred autobranden in Swedish cities in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The police expects more suspects to pick.

Masked rioters hit them in cities such as Gothenburg, Trollhattan, Falkenberg, sweden and the capital Stockholm. Except that they are cars in the fire cease, bekogelden them the lying the uprooted agents also with stones.

The police suspect that they are using social media contact. “We realize that it is not a coincidence can be on multiple places began in such a short time”, said a police spokeswoman. Prime minister Stefan Löfven responded Tuesday furious. “It seems well organised. Almost like a military operation”, he said.

The police has several young vandals identified and will talk with the parents. It is still unclear what the direct cause is for the large-scale vandalism. The came the past few years more common for young people vehicles in fire cease before the end of the school holidays, according to Swedish media.

Public policy

Prime minister Löfven focused on the radio directly to the young people involved. “Where are you going?”, wanted instead know. The public order is an important election issue in Sweden, in september to the polls. Polls predict that the social-democrats of Löfven a historically bad result can look forward to.

Anti-immigratiepartij Sweden-Democrats hope to take advantage of it and said after the chaotic night-time states that “we Sweden on september 9, safe again.”

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