Still to 20,000 à 30,000 HAS fighters in Iraq and Syria

54d523c3bb0c85d82a346b170d01a6bc - Still to 20,000 à 30,000 HAS fighters in Iraq and Syria

In spite of military progress in the fight against terror group Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq still to 20,000 à 30,000 HAS fighters present. This is evident from a report of the United Nations.

The militants are approximately proportionally represented in both countries. An ‘important part’ of his foreign fighters.

The leaders of the extremist group are often transferred to Afghanistan, where between 3,500 and 4,000 IS-militants are present. Their number is there, sets the UN report. The terrorist group also wins supporters in South-east Asia and in West Africa.

The advance of IS started in 2014, with the conquest of Mosul in Iraq. In december last year declared the Iraqi authorities that the area IS again in the hands of, among others, by American military aid. But, according to the UN report, there are still fewer foreign fighters than expected left after the military defeat of IS. Many now live among the local population.

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