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Standard get voetballes of frivolous Ajax and the Champions League millions forgotten

11d471693058c8c2ff553cff21b302a4 - Standard get voetballes of frivolous Ajax and the Champions League millions forgotten

No Champions League football for Michel Preud’homme and Standard this season. The Rouches went into the second leg of the third qualifying round with a 3-0 outgunned down against Ajax. Standard need to be satisfied with a campaign in the Europa League.

The heenwedstrijd in Liège was on a 2-2-tie ended and so it had to be Standard is the score. Ajax grabbed the Rouches however, right at the throat. The grossierde in corners, but a lot of danger provided it is initially not on. Huntelaar threw the first beckoning opportunity for the home team next time. Standard weerde with a decent organization, but was in fact not set foot on the ground in the Amsterdam Johan Cruijff ArenA.

On the half hour came Huntelaar than smart for his own on a cross from Tagliafico. The achiever kicked from borderline offside, the earned 1-0 on the scoreboard. Two minutes later, nodded to talent The Lies all too easily 2-0 over goalkeeper Ochoa. Neres kicked just for the peace is still against the pole. Ajax goalkeeper Onana was just a one time intervention, on a hard rod of Bastien.

Zidane in Amsterdam

Standard had just as last week, so two goals to make up, but the mission was quickly destroyed. After losing the ball on the right went quickly. Tadic explained after a wonderful Zidane-move the ball evisceration for Neres and the Brazilian tapped in the 3-0 against the nets. End of the story for Standard.

Ajax went even full for a fourth goal, but it were the visitors that are close to a goal came. Mpoku was, however, still in his man to pass, but his shot hit the post. Emond tried it then with a bolt, but also here without success. On the other side kept Fai Neres of a great opportunity with a great surgery.

The hometown audience loved the atmosphere and the sense in it at Ajax. Neres scored egg so after his second, but popped in the zijnet. Ochoa prevented Huntelaar to the 4-0 score after a nice pass from Kristensen. Mpoku tried again, but Onana went well, flat. Then it was back to Ochoa. The Mexican had to twice rescue for Standard, on attempts of Tadic and Of the Stream. Carcela hit in the extra time yet the crossbar.

It remained so at 3-0. Ajax may dream of the Champions League in a meeting with Dynamo Kiev. Standard can prepare for the Europa League.

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