Snelwegbeheerder: ‘Collapse bridge was unpredictable’

3a5fe79633b2115b9dde6a9bf5d274ab - Snelwegbeheerder: ‘Collapse bridge was unpredictable’

The snelweguitbater Autostrade per l’Italia says that, despite the criticism on the poor state of the Mornabrug no signs were that the structure would collapse. The exact cause of the disaster was still unclear.

When the collapse came, at least 35 people were killed. “The collapse is, for us, totally unexpected and unpredictable, taking into account the monitoring carried out,” says Stefano Marigliani, regional director of Autostrade per l’italia, the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

According to Marigliani ‘there was absolutely no reason to believe that the bridge was dangerous’. The structure was maintained regularly, it sounds. The maintenance operations in 2016 started, were almost finished.

The snelweguitbater used to say ‘the most modern means available’ to ensure the safety of the construction to check. There were reflectometrische tests carried out to the inside of the concrete to check. “At the last test from the beginning of 2017 were no problems,” says Marigliani.


The bridge had a questionable reputation. The concrete slabs showed differences in height. According to an engineer at the university of Genoa. there was really no other option than the bridge completely replaced. Also ordinary drivers noticed that the bridge is in poor condition. So speaks a Belgian traveler of a rusted poles and a creaking construction.

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