SDF is negotiating with the regime Assad

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DAMASCUS – The political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has last week re-consultation with the Syrian regime. The vice-president of the so-called Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) said that in the capital, Damascus, under more is spoken about decentralization and the constitution.

The SDF is dominated by the Kurdish fighters, who are their units Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPG) call. They are direct confrontations with the forces of Assad in recent years largely out of the way and could, with American aid, about a quarter of Syria initially. There tuigden the Kurds their own systems of governance, which they also after the conflict want to preserve.

The troops of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and their allies, other armed groups meanwhile reports in large parts of the country. Assad warned earlier this year that his government was willing to negotiate with the SDF, but the areas that are in the hands of the militias use force to “liberate.”

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