“Rumors about whether or not to proceed of Eurovision song contest in Israel are premature”

9c0512a03e69eb11ac0500f33cf2d5a2 - "Rumors about whether or not to proceed of Eurovision song contest in Israel are premature"

The rumors that these days doing the rounds that the upcoming 64th edition of the Eurovision song contest not in Israel will take place, although the Israeli contestant Netta Barzilai the latest edition in Portugal, won with the song ‘Toy’, are premature. That learns Belga of a source in the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union. That organizes the festival together with the Israeli public television channel Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation with the brand name, and the members of the European tv-dome EBU. Alarming news from Israel that the festival next year, certainly not organised it will be, our source and potential leaks in the Israeli press for decisions in one or other direction to force the issue.

The first decision that must be taken is who financial bill for the organising of the festival. Today it should be clear whether Israel, the 12 million euro deposit neertelt that the condition to the event to organise. The state broadcaster that the festival is expected to host the transmitter CAN, but that has already let them know that they have so much money do not have. They look to the government-Nethanyahu, arguing that the festival is a unique opportunity to the land of Israel and its tourist assets in the shop window to convert the approximately 200 million Europeans who go to the three Eurosongshows will look. But the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Nethanyahu and his Finance minister Moshe Kahlon have all of their side know that that is not the government, but the transmitter CAN the money from their own budget to meet.

“There is around this time traditional consultation between the government and the broadcaster about the financing of the song contest. That is also the case in Israel this year. We are in the phase of consultation. Final decisions will be later this month have taken”, says our source at the EBU. “It speaks for itself that we are for a big event like this be prepared for alternative scenarios.”

Or there yet not too much politics plays a part in that at first sight innocent looking liedjesconcours? “Participating countries are trying certainly the festival to use in their stall, just think of the edition in Ukraine at the time that the country was at war with Russia,” says our source, “but continues the festival in and of itself, one hundred percent apolitical. It is in these times of polarization correctly is very important as a sign of diversity. It has more than ever a unifying feature.”

With the 12 million euro security deposit is Israel, incidentally, is still a long way to the cost. The entire event cost approximately 25 million euros in order to organize, but that it pays in the long term return, because city marketing is done that much tourist return going.

Another question that is still answered must be, and that in the case of Israel for much debate: which city may the festival host or if the host city? Is that Jerusalem? Is that Tel Aviv? Or the port city of Haifa? Or even a different city? “Too early for now to speculate,” says our source. The procedure is now started and only at the end of this month or next month, there will be an answer.”

The Israeli press has a few weeks to a and another to leak.

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