Rape arouses anger

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HAMBURG – Again, a failed asylum seeker, a young German girl raped. Anger is a part of our eastern neighbors about criminal foreigners doing so increases.

The right-wing AfD spun yarn at the poor asylum.

Last weekend, lured the 30-year-old, quite a drunken offender Mansor S. at the Central Station in Hamburg a 14-year-old girl into a doorway and raped her there. The victim could, although traumatized, flights and to get help. The offender was in the collar.

S. came seven years ago in the Federal republic and committed then a long series of crimes. Within a year he was first convicted, for assault. Already in 2013, had the man left the country, but he did not, just like a half million other refugees who are still in Germany to stay.

There is hardly to Afghanistan expelled, due to the tense security situation in the country. It was so that unwanted persons as Mansor S. for a long time in Germany remain. Only in the last months asylum seekers to Kabul flown, where now less threat would be.

The German justice and asylum system consistently show expansion. The public prosecutor wanted S. to stay, because there is an appeal. Last was a 20-year-old asylum seeker from Iraqi Kurdistan back to Germany flown to for the to appear in court for the murder of the jewish girl, Susanna (14). And after years of struggles, marked, protection of topterrorist Osama Bin laden must of Tunisia back to Germany, to the court.

Meanwhile, in East German cities like Dresden and Cottbus regularly demonstrations take place from angry citizens who are against migration and refugees say. Cases such as that of Mansor S. confirm their views.

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