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“Pirelli is ready for a bandenoorlog in F1”

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During an interview with ‘ESPN’ has Mario Isola indicated that Pirelli is ready for any bandenoorlog if it is decided to have multiple bandenleveranciers in the F1.

“If one decides to return to a situation where there is more than one tyre supplier, then we are, as I previously said, ready for this new challenge,” said Mario Isola, as opposed to ‘ESPN’. “It would be a new challenge because when you are the only tyre supplier are then you have a few goals that you need to see to aim.”

“You provide everyone with the same band so that a band with high degradation, and with other goals. If you have a bandenoorlog have then the purpose is only and only performance, that is abundantly clear. It is the same for the teams. Their goal is safety, but safety is a goal that still is. Safety is always a priority but then always follows performance.”

Isola warns, however, that a bandenoorlog to higher costs would result, and that is just something that the Formula 1 does not want to.

“The direction that Formula 1 wants to go is a single tyre supplier,” said Isola. “The fact that there is one tyre supplier is provides a cost savings for everyone. When you, what they call a ‘bandenoorlog’, introduces, or at least multiple bandenleveranciers, then you should think about that in the past, additional testing sessions were necessary. In the past, had the teams a separate team to the tyres to test, which of course entails additional costs.”

“If the costs in Formula 1 want to reduce then this is probably not the right direction to go,” concluded Isola.

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