New names for ‘The Smartest Human’: also big boss is involved

62ea42041a42002ea040005fade23d54 - New names for 'The Smartest Human': also big boss is involved

In October, the popular quiz show “The Smartest Man In the World’ back Four. To the public warm to, the television slowly but surely, the participants known. A standout candidate this year is Wouter Vandenhaute, the former boss of Woestijnvis.

Each year manages to presenter Erik Van Looy managed to make some nice names to play for his quiz. For the coming season he has his first big name to tackle. None other than his ex-boss, Wouter Vandenhaute, subsequently, to the final victory.

Vandenhaute was already asked to join, but he always refused to be in its own programs. Because his company Woestijnvis will soon be in the hands of Telenet, decided to put the former journalist to participate.

In addition Vandenhaute convinced Van Looy also radio dj Peter Van de Veire and actress Clara Cleymans. Earlier became known that the Club Brugge midfielder Hans Vanaken, the first participant of the quiz was.

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