Missing boy, New Mexico’s death by ritual

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TAOS – The remains of a three-year-old boy from Atlanta for months, is missing, is found in the underground complex in New Mexico. He is the life come during a ritual to “demonic spirits to drive”, as told by the other children.

The suspects Jany Leveille, Luke Morton, Siraj Wahhaj and Subbannah Wahhaj shall be brought in Taos.

Last week did the Us police raided the complex in the sparsely populated, mountainous area. In addition, eleven malnourished and severely neglected children rescued from the hands of the various parents that if muslim extremists to book.

The parents taught their neglected children dealing with weapons. The intention was that they in the long term of school shootings would begin.

Here were the muslim extremists have their children in appalling conditions.

The father of the boy, kidnapped him in december 2017 with his mother. The father involved in the death of his own son. He is on the complex, along with four others arrested. The man is the son of the influential American imam Siraj Wahhaj.

The authorities did the raid because of a cry for help which would come from the camp.

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