Merely a leuter ’playful’ protest politician

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Olden – A 71-year-old Norwegian politician has the spotlight on themselves to know to convert with a ’playful’ protest against mass tourism. He went with his adamskostuum the battle with a cruise ship.

“I protest!”, writes Svein Ingvald Opdal with this photo.

The Norwegian wants to make a statement against mass tourism. He placed a picture on Instagram of his vakantiestekje in the fjords, with in the background a cruise ship.

It was a ’spontaneous action’, says Svein Ingvald Opdal against Norwegian state-owned media. “We arrived in Olden, and immediately saw three large cruise ships. We decided later that there were up to 11,000 tourists were in total. I’m not so excited about that.”

While his vacation progressed, came more and more cruise ships to the small Olden. Then on a quiet Sunday two ships to dock while Svein night, went outside to urinate, he asked his wife to be a special photo shoot.

“They wanted ‘m not on Facebook or Instagram, so I did it myself,” said the local politician of the Miljøpartiet De Grønne. Social media is leading his photo to the amusement and (somewhat cheerful) acclaim. “Brave warrior!”

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