Man survives fall of 30 metres from the bridge: ‘The road suddenly stopped just before my nose”

A man with his car on the collapsed Morandi bridge in Genoa reed when the structure collapsed, the disaster without a unmarked survived. “That I’m alive is a miracle.’

The 33-year-old Davide Capello was in the past as a professional footballer under contract with teams like Cagliari and Savona, the goalkeeper came in the past also for the Italian national beloftenploeg. But in 2014, he stopped as a pro, he was on his 29th goalkeeper of the amateurvoetbalploeg Legino Calcio from Savona, and he went to work as a firefighter.

The Sardijn drove this afternoon to the city center of Genoa, when the Morandi bridge collapsed. “It was heavily raining. I rode just the bridge on when I first did hear a sound, and suddenly everything collapsed. It was terrifying.’

Capello can’t confirm or just before the collapse, a lightning bolt struck on the bridge, as several witnesses told. “I don’t know more. I just have one reminder: the road that just suddenly my nose disappeared.’ The car of Capello fell thirty meters to the outside. ‘There I was suddenly stuck between two pillars and some rubble. I don’t know that my car is not crushed is touched.’

The man immediately called to his father, Franco, to reassure him. “I wanted to ensure that I was safe. “The bridge is collapsed when I pointed reed, I am with my car cases”, I said to him. “But don’t worry, I am safe.” He said that I my car had to try to hit, if I could move.’

“It was a real miracle’

Nearby by-standers pointed out the emergency services on the situation of Capello, who by a policeman out of his car was helped. “Suddenly I saw two arms appear to me out of the car went. With the help of that agent I got out of my car. Of course, I had great relief: I was really lucky, it was a real miracle. But then I saw the apocalyptic scenes around me, thank god I can still tell the tale.’

Capello was as a precaution to the hospital, but the man loved to own say nothing about the disaster. ‘It is incredible: I don’t have a single dent, the only pain I have is from the needle that the ambulanciers in my arm cease.’

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