Maduro: Fuel prices must be raised

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CARACAS – Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro will find that fuel prices in his country to rise to “international” levels. That must be smugglers the foot straight.

The government of the oil-rich country keeps the price of fuel for decades to be artificially low. Smugglers are doing good business by the heavily subsidized fuel to sell in countries such as Colombia. Such practices are the government, a thorn in the eye.

The Venezuelan economy has been seriously disrupted by hyperinflation, although the fuel prices have scarcely changed. Local media reports that Venezuelans recently, some 2.2 billion bolivar had changed hands for a cup of coffee with milk. For that amount, can the tank of a small SUV almost 9000 times be volgegooid.

Maduro says that the government “direct grants” will provide citizens with identification cards. They should have their vehicle or have entered during a count by the government.

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