Karen Damen: “I made it’

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Tonight receive host Bruno Wyndaele Karen Damen, that her best friend brings who they are, as it turns out, is still ‘technically kissed’.
Karen Damen late tonight in The zomert with in her heart look. She shows photos of the holiday with her first boyfriend, and talks honestly about the harsh criticism that they over the past year has been.

Karen appears to be very loyal in friendships. She has, for example, still in touch with her first vakantielief of when she was 13. She also has photos of the first time she only went on holiday: that was when she was 16, with her then boyfriend.

Also about ‘Karen makes a plate’, they talk: “I have criticism on K3 never personally felt, but from the moment that you are really something yourself that is very personal, that is completely of your own, then come compliments a lot harder. But criticism also.” About known told Karen: “I’m a question in Trivial Pursuit. And then I think: ‘I made it!”

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