’Johnsons placid under death Ivana

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Kuala Lumpur – The Johnsons did not very curious, when the police came to tell that the 18-year-old Ivana Smith had died. They made no attempt to with your own eyes to see where the girl instances. In addition, it turns out their apartment to be cleaned before police crime scene could do.

Ivana Smith was a frequent visitor of the clubbing in Kuala Lumpur.

That explained the manager of the building when they sat afternoon Dutch time in the witness box was questioned by the lawyer of the family Smit.

The naked lifeless body of Ivana was december 7, found on the sixth floor of an apartment building in Kuala Lumpur. They appeared from the 14th floor down to be paid. That night the girl had spent with Alexander and Luna Johnson, a couple who at that time was already about four years in the complex lived.

“The point for me even more on what I already thought: the Johnsons knew that Ivana was dead”

Now seems to be did the Johnsons surprised when the police came to tell that their guest that evening had died. ,,But surprise it went no further than curses”, says lawyer Nair, which the family assists. ,,They are not to their own balcony, walked to look down. While Ivana at that time was still there.”

Manager Vanessa commented in her statement that she strangely found. I can’t talk for mr. and mrs. Johnsons. But I would still like to look if I get such shocking news to hear.”

Also the family reacted was very different to the death of Ivana. Spokesperson for uncle Fred: ,,When Karin just told him that Ivana had died, she has for days denied. She would only believe that her daughter was dead as she Ivana could identify. Not sooner. That seems to me a logical course of affairs. Why did the Johnsons not? The point for me even more on what I already thought: the Johnsons knew that Ivana was dead.”

In addition, it revealed today during the testimony of Vanessa today that the apartment of the Johnsons is cleaned by the worker. That happened for the police crime scene could do. It is still unclear whether the Johnsons were sent, or that this was part of a routine cleaning schedule.

Tomorrow would be the Johnsons to testify about the night that they spent with Ivana before the girl died. It is still the question of whether they come. For the first time, was a lawyer of the Johnsons. He refused to accept the media to speak to and didn’t want to explain where the Johnsons currently reside. ,,I am here to make notes of the session. More I cannot say.”

During the hearing last week showed that the police just after the find of Ivana’s body sound heard coming from the apartment of the Johnsons. Yet the door was not opened when they aanbelden. Vanessa commented: “The police knocked on the door and asked for access. There gate was not opened. But we heard something fall. It was like the sound of a glass bottle that broke and fell.”

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