Jan-Jaap Van der Wal responds to woningbrand that his house destroyed

Two months ago, the family of Jan-Jaap Van der Wal is the victim of a large woningbrand. Their house in the Dutch Katwoude, near Volendam, was in ashes. Since then, the family lives in Antwerp, where Jan-Jaap already had a house because of its Belgian activities. “In this sweltering summer, I would have liked in my garden sitting in the Netherlands, but now I have the world cup craziness to experience,” he says in All. About that fire, he says: “We were in bed. Around one a.m. I was awakened by a something. I realized immediately what was going on. But I didn’t see any big flames. So we are relatively quiet and fast, able to reach safety. It is a wooden house, so it went fast.” Outside, he realized that he was the most precious, his family, had saved.

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