Genoa: Dutchman Malik saved by the outlet

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Genoa, Dutchman, Malik is just escaped the disaster that took place on the suspension bridge at Genoa.

Dutchman Malik decided at the last moment, however, is not the bridge to names but to the outlet to drive.

He was by car with his wife and two children on the way from Milan to Genoa.

They were planning a number of days to the seaside and then drive to Monaco.

“We drove in the direction of the conscious bridge and a quarter of an hour before he collapsed, we saw an outlet centre along the highway. We decided to still go along to. Bizarre, because a few minutes later, we read that the bridge is where we take later over would have been driven had collapsed.”

According to Malik begins the news slowly to penetrate into the Italian outlet centre. “Everyone who reads it scares huge. People who work here also have a lot of family and friends there in the neighborhood.”

Malik goes out with his family looking for a different destination for the next few days.

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