Free-falling lira lures tourists to Turkish luxury shops

909179885b1eed5715a89df52f4d43b7 - Free-falling lira lures tourists to Turkish luxury shops

Turkish haute-couturewinkeliers have their hands full with customers from neighboring countries. By the overheated economy collapses the value of the lira, and so also the prices of luxury products.

Remarkably, many tourists were last few days to join before the doors of luxury shops like Channel and Louis Vuitton, noted the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. In an interview with a Turkish newspaper, Daily Sabah, claims Ugur Berk, manager of IstinyePark, a schöpping center of the higher price, that this year, thirty percent more tourists on the floor than in the same period last year.

Due to the devaluation of the Turkish lira are luxury goods, is a good investment for foreigners. They will draw precisely now to Turkey for luxury products in store. In the past year the Turkish lira against the Us dollar more than forty percent in their value has diminished.

The Turkish luxewinkeliers were so overwhelmed last weekend that a Channel store in Istanbul has decided to take his clients outside to wait. That wrote the Turkish newspaper Sozcu. Every quarter of an hour there were few customers inside. Only in this way could the shop a personal service guarantee.

For Turkish inhabitants are foreign products are not cheap. ‘On the contrary’, says VRT-correspondent Toon Beemsterboer in The morning on Radio 1. “Some restaurants in Turkey remove food products from abroad because they are too expensive.’

Stay remains the same

Those who travel want to plan to Turkey, there will not be much cheaper vanafkomen, says Piet Demeyere, tour operator for TUI to The Newspaper. “The contracts with the local hotels are often up to a year in advance logged. To reduce the risk of foreign currency fluctuations is to limit, be drawn up in euros.’

But if you want to take advantage of the cheaper premium products, you will jump but better be quick on the plane. The news agency Reuters reported that the Turkish lira by six percent to value has increased. To further depreciation of the lira to avoid, called the Turkish central bank’s high interest rates.

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