Financial crisis for Eurovision song contest in Israel provisionally passed

The financial crisis around the Eurovision song contest in 2019 in Israel is, according to the broadcast competent television channel May be averted. Can will today converted around twelve million euro as a guarantee deposit to the account of the European broadcasting union (EBU). That shared a spokeswoman for the transmitter. Today passed the deadline.

And the Israeli government had until last arguments about who for the costs of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) by 2019 had to pay the price. If the security deposit is today not deposited was, there would be in 2019, no Eurovision song contest in Israel take place, the spokeswoman of May yesterday said. The total price tag hovers around 24 million euros.

Can take the money for the guarantee from the budget of 2019. The transmitter expects that the government guarantees for the financing of the event. The ministry of Finance did agree no comment is lost.

The European broadcasting union had the deadline yesterday confirmed. “Each year, should the financial guarantee to the EBU, to be given before plans are made and the host city (…) is published”, says in a statement.

The EBU has the receipt of the guarantee has not yet been confirmed. The location should be by september at present. The port cities of Tel Aviv, Eilat and Haifa are next to Jerusalem candidate.

The Israeli singers Netta had in may with her song “Toy” the Eurovision song contest in Portugal won. That is why the festival is normally seen in may 2019 in Israel.

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