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Fernando Alonso: “Months ago, decided to take the F1 to exit”

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Fernando Alonso made today for a blast in the Formula 1 by his departure from the sport to announce. The Spaniard took to his own words, ” the decision to use the Formula 1 to leave months ago.

“After 17 wonderful years in this amazing sport, it is time for a change. I have every minute during these great seasons enjoyed it and I can the people who contributed that they were special not thank you enough,” said Alonso in response to the announcement of his retirement from F1.

“There remains to us this season a few races and I will participate with even more dedication and passion than ever before. Let us see what the future brings. There are new challenges around the corner. I experience one of the most beautiful times in my life but I have new adventures to take.”

“I want everybody at McLaren to thank. I quit the team forever in my heart. I know that they are stronger than ever before will return.”

Over the last few weeks there were the wildest rumours about the future rijdersbezetting at McLaren. Would Alonso for McLaren to continue to drive. What with our compatriot Stoffel Vandoorne. Despite the many rumors and speculation let Alonso understood that his decision has not recently taken but that it is already much longer was he at the end of this season, the F1 would leave.

“I made this decision a few months ago and it was not an easy decision. Nevertheless, I want to Chase Carey and Liberty Media to thank for their attempts to get me to change their mind, just like everyone else who me contacted.”

Fernando Alonso wished for, finally, a lot of people from the F1 world to thank, and of course his fans all over the world.

“I also want all of my former teams, teammates, rivals, colleagues, partners, journalists and anyone with whom I am in Formula 1, I collaborated thank. And in particular my fans all over the world. I am sure that our roads in the future are going to cross,” concluded Alonso.

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