Family actress a scapegoat on social media

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Are known has a lot of advantages, that is no secret. Especially if you are with your nose regularly on tv and also on the social media popular are big brands in the queue to give you one offer after the other. Nice if you have your popularity can use to add an extra penny to earn, but Bab Buelens has found that fame also has disadvantages. The actress is with her 24 is particularly popular, she has now over 94,000 followers on Instagram. Just like other bv’s is Bab also sometimes the victim of something “to” is. Too skinny, too fat, too sexy, everything that “too” is, for some people a good reason to critique hours and nonsensical comments on the social media to write. And there know Bab. Last week posted they take a photo of yourself with a new bra from a well known modemerkt. A beautiful picture which actually little to see, let alone that someone in the picture would bother. “Who wants to be there, ni in addition to wake up?” someone asked. And between the many dozens of positive comments one person who bothers with the photo “As a streeke…sorry now. Nothing nature…” let someone know. What do you mean, nothing in nature should be Bab have thought of that immediately in the pen and crawled in. “Hey! I view it as a compliment that you think I “nothing in nature,” am. I find, of course, however beautiful, but it is the only way to get your angry comments in a positive way. As far as I know, everything is what you see of course. (Unless I just before this picture completely ignorant kidnapped’ve been by aliens and that they me all have volgeplamuurd or surgically have been converted) I have good genes and am very happy and grateful for. I’m sorry if it seems like I regions. You can to me, therefore, just to unfollow if that makes you not more annoyed. I find it very unfortunate that comments like this boys and girls is uncertain. So I say this simply, and only; fine evening and a good health! And now I enjoy again of my vacation. Love, BB”

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