Eyewitness: ’People were running terrified across the bridge’

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GENOA – A 30-year-old Italian automobiliste wanted to just cross the bridge when the disaster occurred. They saw that something was wrong, but thought to be an accident. “When I saw dozens of people in my direction to run. They were shouting: “The bridge collapses, flight!’”

That explains the just of the scare, obtained Silvia Rivetti from Genova to Adnkronos. She says that it is hard raining when the bridge collapsed. Other eyewitnesses claim to have seen the lightning struck.

The bridge collapsed, according to eyewitnesses in two parts. After the crash of part of the road fell one large pillar. “According to me, the way was struck by lightning,” says motorist David Ricci at the Italian newspaper La Stampa. He was lucky: “The debris was just 20 meters from my car.”

Alberto Lercari, an Italian driver, just saw as Rivetti people in panic to the bridge run. “It was terrible. I saw people on me afrennen, barefoot and terrified”, he says to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

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“It was a coming and going of sirens,” says the 51-year-old Annarita to La Stampa. “It was raining very hard and I was sitting with my husband and son in the car. We were on the way to Ikea, but saw that the road was closed.” The family thought there was a ’normal’ accident had happened and drove to. “I heard only what had happened when I was at the Ikea arrived, not even 500 metres away from the road.”

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