Exhibition ‘The World of Tim Burton will start in Genk C-mine

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After cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo and Prague is the international exhibition ‘The World of Tim Burton’ from 15 August till 28 of november in the Genk C-mine. The exhibition gives visitors a look at the work of the American director, who is also a C-mine will visit.

Tim Burton, in addition to director artist and producer, is internationally acclaimed for classic films as “Edward Scissorhands”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. ‘The World of Tim Burton’ was in 2014 in première and is curated by Jenny He. In the expo, visitors can see drawings, paintings, photos, animated stop-motion puppets, models, films and sculptural installations to behold.

After the sculptural ‘Labyrinth’ in 2015 and the designtentoonstelling ‘The World of Charles and Ray Eames’ in 2017 know C-mine again an international project to attract. “We want to C-mine further on the map and to inspire people. Also the people from Genk, Limburg and the surrounding area”, says mayor Wim Dries CD&V). “Genk chooses to be creative paths to pursue. The only way to go forward, is itself innovative and creative.”

‘The World of Tim Burton’ focuses on the special characters and worlds into the unique imagination of Burton. “Burton is constantly on the draw. His perspective is different than that of many people”, explains a guide. “Burton, for example, uses the eyes to express them. So he may have a certain feeling to visitors.”

More than 400 works will be presented across various sections, namely ‘Around the World’ about his creative process, ‘Film Characters’ on well-known characters, and ‘Influences’ on burton’s sources of inspiration. Stage designer Jo Klaps Studio Brussels Lof was responsible for the integration of the exhibits with the old mining buildings of C-mine.

Tim Burton will be from 28 to 30 september myself C-mine to visit. He will visit the exhibition and the screening of two of his favorite movies, the Tim Burton Film Festival to attend, that takes place in the cinema complex Euroscoop on the site of C-mine.

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