Ethan Hawke: the children helped me with depression after divorce

“If you are depressed, you see very clearly what is fake to people and life.”

Ethan Hawke in an interview announced that his marriage to Uma Thurman misliep after, in 2001, an Oscar for his role in Training Day. “It was the beginning of something beautiful, because it was the highlight of my career, but I was divorced and depressed,” says Ethan. Eventually went to Uma, and in 2005 he from each other.

“If you are depressed, you see very clearly what is fake to people and life. How empty fame, I started it all to get by.” The actor struggled with his demons, but was lucky enough to have a lot of support to the children that he and Thurman: daughter Maya (20) and son Levon Roan (16). “The beauty of children is that they need every day, what for balance. That you realize life is not just to get yourself running.”

Hawke said, despite the fact that he was four Oscarnominaties on his name wrote, now mainly, davis agree to the alimony to pay. “My best movies are not those with the highest salarisstrook. But I am now 47 and pay in addition to maintenance also the health of my children and their education, thanks to acting. Besides, I can that way also a number of good causes to support.”

Ethan is remarried with actress Ryan Hawke, with whom he has two daughters.

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