Erdogan recommends a boycott of American electronics

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is calling for a boycott of electronic articles from the United States. He does that after the US Monday, the import duty on steel has doubled.

President Erdogan guaranteed Tuesday that Turkey is taking the necessary steps against the sharp devaluation of the lira, which is partly caused by a growing dispute between Washington and Ankara. One of the measures which are now taken, is a boycott of electronics from the United States.

“We are going to U.s. electronic devices boycott. They have iPhones, but others have Samsung, ” said Erdogan.

“It is important to have a powerful, political position to take”, added the Turkish president. “Foreign money is nothing else than to give in to the enemy.’

Hesitant recovery

Despite the constant escalation of the conflict restored the lira is Tuesday, somewhat, against both the euro and the dollar. The Turkish currency posted gains of more than five percent. Analysts refer to the procedure on Monday by the Turkish central bank, which made for extra oxygen, and some confidence in the markets.

The recovery of the lira, the Turkish currency since the beginning of this year, around forty per cent lost against the euro and the dollar.

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