Engineer warned two years ago for rickety bridge

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The Morandi bridge in Genoa is collapsed, had for years a questionable reputation. Already shortly after the opening there were problems, and in the course of the years, a fortune has been spent on repairs. Two years ago, warned engineer Antonio Brencich already in a trade journal that the complete replacement of the bridge is the only option.

The over one-kilometer-long bridge was already in 1967. When the construction was used of prestressed reinforced concrete.

A historical mistake, said Brencich already in 2016 in a critical article in journal There was insufficient account of the condition of the concrete. This was to drive across the bridge quickly becomes problematic.

‘Already in the beginning of the 80’s there were nasty bumps and pits, by shifts of the road surface, which is different than it was in the design phase. By repeated interventions, is the way in the current acceptable state, ” said the engineer, who as a professor at the University of Genoa.

The herstellingswerking went however much further. From the eighties were the hangers on top of the bridge systematically replaced. The cables are according to Brencich not enough efficient to provide for the suspension of the bridge. There was also talk of carbonation.


Because the costs are so high climbed, predicted Brencich that they the cost of the construction of the bridge relatively soon would be overcome. Replaced seemed to him the only reliable way to tackle the problem, although such a bridge is actually more than one hundred year life span.

Also in 2009 arc engineering are already together with the company Autostrade per l’italia on the future of the bridge. Also, when was the demolition discussed, reports the newspaper Corriere Della: Sarra.

At the time of the collapse of the bridge, there were also repairs to the corridor. It is not yet clear, or who have had an impact on the tragedy.


In Venezuela built designer Riccardo Morandi according to the same principles of a much longer bridge. That is a whopping 8.7 km long, and was already partially in. according to Crencich faces that bridge with exactly the same problems.

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