Disney under fire after casting of heterosexual actor for the first “openly homopersonage”

18fd3abace6c12ae47ac5cd20dffd0ab - Disney under fire after casting of heterosexual actor for the first "openly homopersonage"

British actor and comedian Jack Whitehall gets an important role in the new film ‘The Jungle Cruise’, and the movie studio Disney announced. Striking detail: the heterosexual actor is the first “openly gay” Disney-the main character is deaf. That announcement was not on the hoped-for applause. On the contrary: Disney garnered there baking criticism.

The classic disney films remain extremely popular, but it must be said: certain representative for a diverse society, they are not usually. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or non-white characters are usually barely count. The studio wants that conservative image now shake. Disney picked up this week with the announcement that in ‘The Jungle Cruise’ for the first time an “openly gay” character will be shown.

Although the studio with this unveiling, in all likelihood, in praise of wild harvesting for a ‘positive message’, it was news to many people just going down the wrong way. In international media echoed almost the only criticism. That has everything to do with the casting for the role. The role goes to Jack Whitehall – himself anything but homosexual.

“Ironically, should lgbt’s of years of heterosexual roles to play to make the society happy and not to be abused. Now to be straight actors PAID to be a homosexual to play”, it sounds as twitterer James Brumpton. On various social media, it rained in the meantime, similar comments.

Furthermore, it is reportedly feared that the character, rather than a positive example, a memento would be mainly for the comic effect is used. Despite the criticisms, Disney has already made it clear that Whitehall is not replaced.

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