Disaster in Italy: bridge of the motorway to Genoa collapsed

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GENOA – A significant part of a bridge of a motorway to Genoa has collapsed. Italian media report that it is still unknown whether there are any victims. The Morandi bridge over the river Polcevera is to the west of the Italian port city.

The bridge is about hundred meters, collapsed.

The road is in both directions over hundreds of meters collapsed. According to Corriere della Sera, there are cars and people under the rubble, buried a hit. Rescue workers, hondenteams, ambulance staff and many brandweereenheden are plucked. About 10 vehicles, according to the first messages are involved. The collapse would be the result of problems with the pylon on the left bank of the river.

The bridge for the A10 motorway dates back to the sixties and connects the airport to the west of Genoa, with the centre of the city. The construction is 90 metres high and approximately a kilometre long. A part collapsed on Tuesday when the region by heavy rains was ravaged.

Horror movie

Eyewitnesses saw a scene from a horror movie. “I saw people on me afrennen, barefoot and terrified,” says Alberto Lercari, a local driver, at Corriere della Sera. “I saw a traffic jam and heard a roar. People ran away on me. It was terrible.”

David Ricci drove along the banks of the Polcevera, near the bridge, and had an angel on his shoulder. “The debris was only 20 meters from my car,” he says against La Stampa. “First collapsed the central pillar in each other, then did all the other down. As if struck by lightning.”

Below you can view the first images via social media to come out.

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