Defence budget US 716 billion approved

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has on Monday, a bill with a defence budget of 716 billion dollars was signed. Its aim is the military modernisation and preparedness to promote.

President Donald Trump signs the National Defense Authorization Act.

Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act, in the presence of thousands of soldiers at Fort Drum, a military base about four hundred miles northwest of New York City. The law is “the most significant investment in our military and our soldiers in modern history,” said Trump.

Obsolete tanks, planes and ships will be replaced. The law makes funds available for 77 F35-fighter, a new aircraft carrier and other warships, and for the modernization of the U.s. nuclear arsenal. Finally, pay the US $ 500 million for the Israeli missile defence system, to help produce 850 million dollars to the Iraqi security forces to train and 250 million dollars to the Ukrainian security support.

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