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Decentra country wants to expand the limits of Blockchain-Gaming

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It reminds me a bit of a mixture of Minecraft, SimCity, and Second Life: In decentra country Gamer country can buy parts, modify with other users interact, and their own content to sell. The special feature of the platform suggests the Name. So decentra country is using the Ethereum block Chain, in order to give each user full control over his piece of Land. As a result, the game is managed in a decentralised manner.

As a decentra country was one and a half years in the test phase, one could acquire on the Open Source platform on the Blockchain property rights in virtual land. On the “own land” you can make to your heart’s content, almost everything is possible in reality. Thus, the user can visit concerts or Workshops, with friends, go shopping, own business, driving a car, and even more. In addition, the creation and monetization of its own content, there are no limits. However, first and foremost, Land must be purchased. Only then can one be at all in any Form in decentra country. As Bloomberg recently reported, can increase the value of a plot of land of 13,000 to 200,000 US dollars. The number of these plots, however, is limited: There are just over 90,000.

Gaming borders expand

How decentra country announced in its Blog, the company invests with the “Genesis Content Program” 5 million US-dollars in the financing of Blockchain-Gaming projects. So you want to expand the world of the decentralized Online game innovative. Accordingly, game developers will be given more opportunities, as the company emphasizes:

“While we view decentra land as a community project, we would like to welcome larger and more ambitious projects on our platform. It is our goal, the tools and framework to provide the innovators and entrepreneurs need to exceed the limits of the Blockchain-Gaming.“

Away from pure Gaming thoughts, there are already projects, exhibiting works of art on the platform. These virtual galleries can also visit user, they have no exhibition venues or museums in their immediate real-world environment. For more innovations decentra land developer, invites teams to use the platform to further expand. For this, the company promises to interested programmers even support in the development, if you fill out the form provided for this purpose. We will be watching, and what interesting projects the platform in the future will come up.

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