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Crowdfunding campaign wants to expose Satoshi Nakamoto

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A Crowdfunding campaign on BoomStarter collects to uncover the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto 4.7 million rubles, the equivalent of 70,000 US dollars. Almost half has been received so far. A group of crypto-wants to expose enthusiasts to the inventor of the Bitcoin. Private detectives in Japan, the United States and Europe to find the Creator of the White Papers of the world’s first Blockchain.

About 1,500 people, it was something of value to bring to the identity of the inventor of the world’s first crypto-currency in experience. As of 2008, under the Pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto a person or persons the popular White Paper is published, it shook the foundations of the financial world. In this year a severe financial crisis that shook first the US real estate market and, later, the wave hit several other areas. In the result, we had to close the banks and whole countries. From austerity measures months were released later in the world, countless employees or a freelancer is no longer mandated. The more and more unregulated financial world needed new Input. The date of the publication of the White Papers you would not have to choose cheaper.

The CIA wants to know from nothing to something

The idea of Bitcoin and the Blockchain has been realized, only the identity of the inventor is not known. The CIA responded recently to a request of the journalist Daniel house of lords, and gave the answer most shady. One could deny the authority of the existence of documents about Nakamoto nor confirm. Accordingly, the CIA rejected the request of the Motherboard editor under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Such ambiguous answers will be given of the secret services, if national security is at stake, or you want to protect the privacy of a Person. From the Central security authority, the FBI’s upper house received simply no response at all.

#find Satoshi – What is Crowdfunding-campaign?

Under the Hashtag #find Satoshi, the supporters of the campaign have generated in the last few days a lot of attention. More than half of the 70,000 US dollars are still missing to cover the cost. However, the news is currently going through a variety of media. Some critics question whether the action might have been intended to serve to the uncertainty of the entire Community. Others welcome the search for the author of the Blockchain. A lot of questions, as you want these to convince, to improve the Bitcoin to be its responsibility. Of course it would be exciting to know who is responsible. It was a single Person, a group, a company, or it happened even on behalf of a government? With which Motivation Schaffer went to your work? What they wanted to achieve in the long term?

However, the fact that the course is fragile, would not change a discovery of the identity of nothing. On the contrary, in the case of a detection would be expected with the huge price fluctuations. In addition: Who has the right to expose someone or to push him to do something, what would she or he? Who guarantees that it preserves the confidentiality, should want to copyright this? These and many other questions, neither the announcement nor the Video to the Crowdfunding campaign, answered.

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