Crisis chases 2.3 million Venezuelans country

511be5dd1f850bcb77858aa51ca9cd78 - Crisis chases 2.3 million Venezuelans country

Over 2.3 million Venezuelans, their country has already fled. The refugees go there, especially off because of the lack of food, and in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.

This is reported by the UN on Tuesday. The country has a serious political and economic crisis, which opponents attribute it to the policies of president Nicolas Maduro.

In Venezuela are well-1.3 million people are undernourished. The quality of the services provided in the hospitals there is, according to UN spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric ‘greatly deteriorated’, because there is a lack of medications. There are more than 100,000 hiv patients who lack access to medication. In addition, extinct diseases, such as measles, tuberculosis and diphtheria, are re-emerging.

Maduro is accused of the economy of his country to ruin and the opposition silenced to make for a dictatorship to install.

Since Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez in 1999 was president, according to migration expert Tomas Paez Bravo already 3 million people have fled. The opposition in the South American country has about 4 million refugees.

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