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Bitcoin price is plummeting – Why calm is important now

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In the night from 14. 15. August is like the price of Bitcoin below the $ 6,000. This is further tested by the Minimum of the middle of June. But Game Over” to speak is, again, absurd.

A comment by Dr. Philipp Giese

Again, the Bitcoin is like-a course for under $ 6,000. The virtual forest of leaves is full of explanatory approaches (AML rules in Japan have become more strict) and FUD (price fall below important Support is to be equated with the end of Bitcoins).

To that I answer with four Figures: 80, 72, 80, 69. No, this is not a crude cover version on 54, 74, 90, 2006 by Sportfreunde Stiller, but the exchange rate losses in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2018 in per cent from its all-time high. Up on the rate loss of 2013, the current is still considerably smaller than what the other times had Bitcoin been through.”There’s plenty of room at the bottom” said Richard Feynman, and the like you can on the Bitcoin rate to say.

Bitcoin-rate of the air to the Drama

We look short on the daily chart:

Yes, the price of Bitcoin has fallen to the monthly minimum of June. “A little further down and we have a new all-time low!” they yell, but Hand on heart: Even if the price falls to just under 5.400 US dollars, we are still “in the Plan”. Currently, the RSI is nearing the Oversold, perhaps the price will rise again soon.

But it is to me, to make a new course for minimum a harbinger for a new bull market. As I have said in various Places: In a bull market, I believe that if the average share price for several weeks on the moving MA20 in the week chart. After this was in a bull market, a great Support, he’s since February of 2018, a stable Resistance:

“Theres so plenty of room at the top”, or: Up to the bull market for the good to rise and is stable above the MA20.

Bitcoin – Enter for the Technology

But what do we do to the bull market? And what can we do for increasing Bitcoin rate? In a grandiose, revolutionary technology involved. As said elsewhere doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be a developer. Instead, we can make us strong together for a greater Bitcoin acceptance. We can educate ourselves about the technology and ideology behind Bitcoin or crypto-currencies in General – what is my personal Motivation behind the new column “Tech–ECHO”.

We can find Meetups, get-togethers, hackathon or BarCamp. Some time ago we described the difference between the major investors ‘ conferences and smaller tech-oriented Events. The Potential behind Bitcoin and other crypto currencies continues to be gigantic, this is also mood swings, change in the markets, nothing. Bitcoin is more than just a price indication or a base value for a regulated financial product. A technology such as Bitcoin thrives on the commitment of the base and its will to promote the technology. So we’re waiting less on an ETF, the “institutional investors” or to the terrific partnerships with huge companies – we have now been active in the Community!

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