Attraction-induced cerebral infarction Celien

7c90a91d774bd737f563bb6ee07416f2 - Attraction-induced cerebral infarction Celien

Recently there was the news that Celien, the daughter of Margriet Hermans, a double-stroke had happened. Margriet explains this week in a Day All out that they know what this caused. “A fast-paced rollercoaster in Phantasialand, one of up to 150 kilometers per hour. We were there in October. I feel always guilty that I convinced her to get in that attraction… Apparently, her two carotid arteries by the speed, half torn, causing the blood to not could. She heard her heartbeat in her ears, a little bit of noise also. She has been to the oorarts gone, but that referred to her not by. Only when we for the holidays, went shopping, we saw that Celien her leg is not under control. Celien is also diabetic patient, that makes it all not easier. We have really very anxious weeks passed.”

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