Around 30 deaths Genoa, probably more

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GENOA – UPDATE 16.41 HOURS – The disaster with the iconic suspension bridge in Genoa has about 30 deadly casualties, including a child, as confirmed by the Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini. He expects the death toll still rises: during the collapse reason 35 cars and three trucks on the overpass.

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The bridge of the A10, collapsed Tuesday afternoon during a storm and left a mess behind. Not only motorists were compromised; also, there were debris on houses of a densely populated neighborhood. Rescue services expect that the death toll is still rising. The disaster is ’historically high’. Francesco Bermano, director of the emergency First Aid 118, said that also in the houses under the bridge many wounded and several dead must have fallen.

On video footage of the moment when the bridge collapses, screaming eyewitnesses ’Oh mio Dio, oh mio Dio!’ (see video below). The disaster in Italy to a lot of anger, more because of the iconic bridge, named after the architect, which has been the subject of debate was due to the many repairs.

While the rescue operation in full swing to continue (see also below) and a newspaper has filmed how victims under the rubble away to be reached, Italy is in mourning dipped: Transport minister Danilo Toninelli calls it a ’huge disaster’ and fellow-minister Rixi talks about a ’terrible tragedy’.

The bridge for the A10 motorway dates back to the sixties and connects the airport to the west of Genoa, with the centre of the city. The construction is 90 metres high and approximately a kilometre long.

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Collapsed bridge of Genoa have long been the subject of debate

Debris on the ward

Under a section of the viaduct is a densely populated area. The largest piece of the collapsed viaduct came into the river Polcevera, but there are also large debris on the houses, and on a railway track. How many victims in the district are cases, is not known.

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The Dutch embassy in Rome and the consulate-general in Milan, find out if there are Dutch people among the victims in Genoa. At this time, there are no reports of Dutch people who have gone missing.

These dogs search for victims.


On social media circulated video showing how rescuers do everything possible. The fire department, agents with search dogs and other search and rescue team to try as much as possible to save lives.

“It is hell here,” says a rescue worker to Italian media. Blessing in disguise: it has now stopped, with fierce rain. “That makes the operation easier.”

Below you can view the first images from the rampplek. Text continues under the video.

At least two people were alive under the debris facts. They were brought to the hospital. “Thank you for the fire department, and all the heroes that now save lives”, writes the minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, on Facebook.

Horror movie

Eyewitnesses saw a scene from a horror movie. “I saw people on me afrennen, barefoot and terrified,” says Alberto Lercari, a local driver, at Corriere della Sera. “I saw a traffic jam and heard a roar. People ran away on me. It was terrible.”

David Ricci drove along the banks of the Polcevera, near the bridge, and had an angel on his shoulder. “The debris was only 20 meters from my car,” he says against La Stampa. “First collapsed the central pylon in each other, then did all the other down. As if struck by lightning.”

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